Car Charger


Instructions For Use

STEP 1: Unscrew the battery from the atomizer and cartridge.

STEP 2: Screw the battery into the car charger.

STEP 3: Insert the car charger into your car’s port. e LED light on both the battery and the car charger will light up indicating it is charging.

STEP 4: e LED light on the battery will turn off when it is fully charged. Unplug the car charger and unscrew the battery.

STEP 5: Screw the battery back into the atomizer and cartridge.

A full charge takes approximately 2 hours. e battery will stay charged for approximately 3 months while idle or for 300 puffs of normal use. For optimal performance and best results, we recommend replacing your FIN rechargeable electronic cigarette every 3 months.

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